Friday, 6 May 2011


So i seemed to get some positive feedback from my last post so here comes another. Best intro ever. Amiright?

So i want to talk today about gaming, more specifically the idea that because it is a game it is okay never learn(read: Loose).

Yes I understand that it is A: a game and not real life, B: that the goal of playing a game is fun. Thank you for that groundbreaking insight jim. Although i will admit that i am slightly confused by your first point that gaming isnt real life. I am aware that I will not perish if my character dies, Unless it is extreme gamingz. But the time people spend on gaming is still spent, so is a hour gaming really that different from a hour of you doing... Whatever it is you do...

Bringing us to the second point: "That the goal of playing a game is fun" A point I agree with completely. I personally seem to enjoy winning a game far more then I enjoy loosing one. You my dear reader might enjoy loosing more and i can honestly say that your life must feel awsome. Something I imagine goes like this: Fuckyear! Bob makes twice as much as me and is banging my girlfreind, MY LIFE IS EPIC.

Please dont misunderstand this post. This is not me bashing noobs or those that are learning, Read: making mistakes. This is me getting completely frustrated with the 3month player that only knows how to proxy gateway and is happy with that(Starcraft), farms in the jungles for 55minutes and wonders why his team is loosing towers/getting killed(HoN).

I understand that you are enjoying lightly kissing gaming. I mean, whatever works for you.
Now if you excuse me, im going to go kiss using tongue HoN

Thursday, 5 May 2011

My screen name is Green_Bean, there are many like it but this one is mine.

I honestly have no idea how to start this. I guess ill start off telling you about me.

My name is Derek, and i enjoy Heros of Neworth, WoW, DnD, and walks on the beach. I have half of both my Psychology and Criminology dregrees.  Calm yourselves ladies, there will be time for that later.

Ahem. I guess ill fill in this middle section by telling you a story.

After highschool i moved with my girlfreind of three years that way she could go to university in another provence. Naturally I was stressed as I was leaving everything i had known, all my freinds, family, and overall support group. Not to mention i wasnt completely sure if moving with her was a bright idea to begin with; However I was fairly sure that not moving would mean not having anymore sex. Desision made. So i boarded the plane with her and spent the next couple hours feeling extremely uncomfortable as i wasn't completely sold on this "flying" business. We landed, and apparently getting me to move in with her was part of some convoluted break up plan. Three weeks later i was boarding a plane heading the opposite way, confused out of my mind with a crushed heart. Pity story aquired!

Anyways, On the return trip i descovered that all the other seats in my plane where occupied by canadian military personal. I knew the returning trip would be bad, the sky was dark, it was raining heavily, not to mention the pilot announcing that there would be moderate to heavy turbulance. He knew what he was talking about. The weather was doing its best to make me and everyone else in the plane miserable, as i looked around the cabin i saw a bunch of men and woman looking terrified. Then something inside me snapped, and i realised how silly it was. I was feeling scared and aprehensive about something I had no control over.
So i started laughing as i watched the wing flex and bend as the other passengers watched the crazy laughing person i had become. Fear of planes overthrown!

I was told that day that i would be a good fit for paradrops. Bonus backup plan aquired!

So my question for you is what is your most memorable "snap" and what led up to it?